• Apple Pineapple

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    The 2019 World Cidercraft Awards voted Bishop Apple Pineapple a U.S. Bronze: Flavored Cider – Fruit, and a Judges Pick for overall Speciality Cider… and that’s for the world y’all. “Wonderful flavor, super smooth, not overly sweet, perfectly crisp. It’s more apple-y than pineapple-y.” This kinda says it all… and we didn’t even write it, HB did on UnTappd. Our Apple Pineapple is a blend of our traditional cider and the refreshing taste of pineapple. This creates a wonderful cider that is slightly sweet, and has a clean finish. It also pairs well with Spumante for a different take on the traditional mimosa. KC had 2 words “Fruity. Magical.” Simple but says it all. Thanks KC.

  • Blood Orange Cider

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    Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider is a zesty cider made with Moro blood oranges, heirloom bittersweet apples, and American dessert apples.

    Additional Notes:

    With just the right amount of sweet and citrus flavors, our Blood Orange Cider is sure to brighten your day !

    -Flavor: Medium-bodied, Bittersweet, Crisp, Raspberry, Grapefruit

    -Aroma: Citrus, Apples, Orange Zest

    -Food Pairings: Shrimp tacos, blue cheese, dark chocolate, and with brunch

  • Sangria Cider

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    Seasonal – available for a limited time !

    Austin Eastciders Sangria cider is a pitcher-ready cider using six different fruits: peach, apple, elderberry, cherry, strawberry, and lime.

    Additional Notes:

    Ready for a fiesta in a can? Our Sangria Cider uses a blend of six fruits for a shareable drink just in time for the holidays. Mix up this pitcher ready cider with a little extra fruit or serve chilled on its own !

    -Flavor: Berry, apple, and notes of sweet cherry

    -Aroma: Strawberry and stone fruits

    -Food Pairings: Tapas, seafood paella, and light goat cheeses

  • Silver Tip Semi-Dry Natural Cider

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    Silver Tip, part of our Apple Tree Series, is a hand-crafted semi-dry cider made with a carefully selected blend of tree-ripened, Great Lakes heritage and culinary apples. We bring the flavors of the country’s finest orchards to you in this can.

    As the apple tree awakens from its winter slumber, the fruit bud separates at the tip, exposing silver tissue. It is only a matter of months before the Silver Tip becomes an apple that we press and craft into this refreshing cider.

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New Southern Yankee Fancy Pancakes

Fancy Pancakes - Baltic Porter brewed with Toasted Pecans & Blackstrap Molasses and aged three months in Apple Brandy barrels. A pancake breakfast and the after dinner drink combined to become this decadent beer.