• 1836(16 oz Can)

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    We call 1836 a “Copper Ale” because it’s copper colored, but it fits no specific style. Much like Houston, “1836” is one of a kind. This blend combines our three favorite brewing traditions: the British Bitters, the Belgian Trappist ales, & the American Hop Movement. In honor of Texas Independence Day, this brew is our pride and joy.

    This beer combines two of our favorite flavors: a sweet and toasty measure of Victory malts counter-balanced with the earthy, woody, Powerful, but balanced aromatics of citrusy & floral American & British hops. The bready, biscuit flavors of Victory Malt (an American spin on the Belgian Biscuit malts) finishes clean leaving a dry roast on the mouthfeel.

  • Wake ‘N Bake(32 oz Crowler)

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    I had two bowls for breakfast, one was cereal.

    Wake ‘n Bake is the perfect blonde, rich, light, sweet and interestingly complex. Aged on Amaya Roasting Co.’s Temporada Espresso and vanilla, this crisp golden blonde will tickle your tongue and nibble your nose.

    Rich coffee aroma as fragrant as your morning pot with a residual vanilla sweetness and a smooth crisp body.

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Dry-Hopped Oat Saison with Desert Yeast - Dry-Hopped Oat Saison with Desert Yeast is 6.8% ABV and was brewed with the Prickly Pear native yeast culture from Community Cultures Yeast Lab in San Antonio. We dry-hopped this desert yeast oat saison fairly aggressively with Idaho 7, Citra, and El Dorado to create bright, tropical hop aromatics to complement the citrusy character of the native yeast. Moderne Dansk -Moderne Dansk is our barrel aged wild ale refermented with Danish Stevnsbær cherry juice from the renowned Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin in Denmark.