• Cherry Cider(16 oz Can)

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    Crisp and refreshing. This hard apple cider uses Pacific Northwest Apples along with Michigan Montmorency cherries. This cider finishes with a clean, slightly tart cherry flavor and perfect for the Houston weather.

  • The Light Cide(16 oz Can)

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    On one Cide we have the Dark, now on the other we have the Light. It’s lower in ABV, but with a really nice amount of flavor. AND… with only 97 calories, less than 1g of sugar and only 2g of carbs, it may be the first true light cider in the country. Think of The Light Cide as a session cider, easy on the ABV’s, calories, sugar and carbs, but big on flavor. There’s nothing in this one to obscure the taste of our absolutely incredible, pure apple cider. It’s basically apples, apples and more apples, and that’s exactly how it tastes. Nice, well balanced apple flavor throughout and a clean, dry finish at the end. And did we already say only 97 calories? No? Okeydokie… it only has 97 calories.

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Jester King Now Available!

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Jester King is now available to order! Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Their beer incorporate our natural surroundings and local agriculture, to make beer uniquely tied to a time, place and people. Their tasting room provides a beautiful, relaxed setting to enjoy the Texas Hill Country with friends and family.  Browse Here