• Poppy (16 oz Four Pack)

    0 out of 5
    Poppy is a West Coast IPA brewed with the Pink Boots Special Edition hop blend! This year the blend consists of Cashmere, Ahtanum®, Citra®, Loral® & Sabro®. We also added a dose of Cara Cara orange puree!
  • Zapp! (16 oz Four Pack)

    0 out of 5

    Sour IPAs are a bit of a new frontier on the beer world – open to interpretation. Some brewers lean on the hoppy side, others more on the sour side.

    “Zapp!” straddles the line. Each rendition expresses a pronounced acidity while showcasing a range of hop character.

    Zapp! 1 (Tropical) – Dry-hopped with El Dorado, Rakau, and Barbe Rouge. We used hops that are near and dear to our heart to bring you a tropical fruit frusion – lychee, pineapple, and mango balance out the tart foundation of this beer.

    Zapp! 2 (Citrus) – Dry-hopped with Citra, Centennial, and Mandarina Bavaria. This beer tastes straight-up like a Greyhound Cocktail. With these hops, we doubled-down on all things IPA and Citrus – bitter, pulpy, acidic, delicious!

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